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Celonis Product Documentation

Workforce Productivity (powered by Task Mining)

Gain visibility into how your teams work to drive productivity. Discover usage hotspots, improvement candidates and training needs. Get started in less than 10 minutes.

  • Seamlessly expand Task Mining across an organization.

  • Visibility on how your teams work and their application usage to improve overall productivity.

  • Discover usage hotspot and training needs.

Watch a demo video

Every analyst can get started in less than 10 minutes
  • New step-by-step process to simplify setup.

  • Out-of-the-box content and automatic data processing.

  • Seamless installation and invite flow: Expand Task Mining across an organization. Admin panel to manage large rollouts of Task Mining Clients in your EMS team.

How it works - Technical details

This process sets up automatic data processing and installs a pre-built analysis to get you started.

  1. Click Create New Project .


    Task Mining automatically sets up a data pool, data model, and task mining project with data processing (processing happens automatically behind the scenes).

  2. The wizard overlay guides you to install and configure the Task Mining Client and then capture some test data.

  3. In the last step, the wizard gives you access to the pre-built analysis showing captured data after a few minutes.

  4. At any point in time, you can change the default client settings of your Task Mining project and invite more users to capture dat.



Out-of-the-box data processing and results

Covered applications

See Task Mining Data collection capabilities


Maximum of ~40M events can be processed

(Max of e.g. 100 users recording for ~70 days)

For larger rollouts, please reach out to Celonis directly.

Get Started

To find out more and get started, navigate to Task Mining in your menu bar and click 41196444.png.

No Windows admin privileges are required to install the Desktop Client. Click below to watch the video.