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Celonis Product Documentation

MY SAP Action fails because of a "Couldn't execute RFM function... : Error: ..." or Permission Error

Please check if the users has the required permissions in SAP to execute the Action:

For more detailed information on SAP user permissions, have a look at SAP User Role CELONIS/AUTOMATION_BASIS or the required permissions described here. If you are using SAP release below 7.1, you might have to grant permissions on the corresponding function groups (as it is not possible to set permissions on function module level). This is often accompanied by an error messages similar to "no XXX permissions to do ABC".


For specific permission / authorization error messages, please check the transaction SU53 "Authorization Failure Report" directly after your previous action has failed or test the same action manually in the SAP GUI. The results of that report help your SAP basis to grant you the necessary permissions.

If the Authorization Object and User's Authorization Data do not match, the transaction would fail.

My SAP action fails because of a "[JCO_ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE: ] Name or password is incorrect"

If you are getting the following error, your system or user connection do not match. Please check if you are using the correct system connection and if your password was entered correctly.

My SAP action fails because of a "[JOC_ERROR_COMMUNICATION] Connect to SAP gateway failed connection parameters"

If you're getting the following error, the DNS can't resolve the hostname and hence cannot reach it. Please double-check whether the hostname you entered when you set up your system connection exists and if that's the case, whether you misspelled it. Please check whether the system connection configurationis correct.

My SAP action fails because of a "[JCO_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE: RFC_NO_AUTHORITY] Keine RFC-Berechtigung für Funktionsbaustein

The user that was used for the SAP connection does not have the RFC permissions for that specific call. Please reach out to your SAP basis that can grant you these permissions and provide them with the details of your call.

My SAP action fails because of a "Failed to load data - JCO Communication Error"

You can restart your agent via Windows Services, following these steps:

  1. Search for 'Component Services' in the Windows search bar.

  2. Locate 'Services(local)' on the left-hand side and open it as 'Admin'.

  3. Look for 'Celonis SAP Extractor' or 'Celonis Agent' and right-click on it.

  4. Press 'Restart'.

My SAP action fails because of a "Agent not fully configured for SAP automations."

If you are seeing the following screenshot, the JCo files are not in the correct place. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Check whether the JCo files were correctly added.

    1. Installer (For Action Flows - Install the Celonis Agent via Installer): Depending on where you installed the Agent (default: C > Program Files), please go to C > Program Files > Celonis SAP Shared > jco

    2. Manual setup (For Action Flows - Manually setting up Celonis Agent): Depending on where you installed the Agent (default: C > Program Files), please go to C > Program Files > Celonis SAP Shared > jco

  2. Restart the Agent manually or via Windows Component Services

My SAP action fails because of "Failed to load data! The request failed due to failure of a previous request."

Please check the Agent Logs as these can provide more detailed insights on the failed request. The Agent Logs can be found here: Agent Monitoring

SAP action fails because of a 500 or a 404 error

Try to restart the Agent via Windows Component Services. If this doesn't help, please delete the Agent in Celonis Studio as well as all corresponding files & folders on your computer and reinstall everything.

My Action Flow fails due to another reason...

The Agent Logs can give you more detailed insights into what went wrong. Please check the Agent Logs which can be found here: Agent Monitoring .

Please check Agent Troubleshooting for agent problems. For other errors, please check error processing for general Action Flow problems.