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Updating Extractor

Learn how to update SAP Extractors.

Before you begin, make sure that all the current requirements of the extractor server are fulfilled, see How do I set up an on-premise Extractor?


Updating the Extractor using the installer is only possible if the existing instance of the Extractor was also installed with the installer. If that's not the case for you, a clean installation will be executed instead of an update.

To update the Extractor using the installer:

  • Download the latest installer and execute it.

    This will replace the sap-connector.jar file with the newest one, and restart the Celonis Windows Service.


Applicable Only for SAP Extractor

If you are upgrading from an Extractor that was released before February 2021, you need to also download and setup the JCo Library as described in Step 3 below.

Updating SAP Extractor

To update the SAP on-premise Extractor, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Download the latest Extractor package from the Download Portal.

  2. Stop the current Extractor if it is still running.

  3. If necessary, setup the JCo Library. Download it from the SAP Marketplace, and copy the files below to the folder "Extractor path\jco" on the extractor server.

    1. sapjco3.jar

    2. sapjco3.[.dll | .so | .sl ] (file extension depends for which operating system the library was downloaded)

  4. Replace the <extractor name>.jar file with the new one

  5. Restart the Extractor by using the instructions outlined in How do I set up an on-premise Extractor?