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Celonis Product Documentation

Updating RFC module

Follow these guidelines if you already have an RFC module installed in your SAP system and you want to update it.

Before you begin:

It is always recommended to upgrade both components - the RFC Module and the Extractor. While they are backward compatible, having the latest version for both ensures that all the latest features and fixes are available.

To update the RFC module:

  1. Download the respective update transport from the Download Portal.

  2. Import the transport into SAP. See 1. Import the transport.

Your RFC module is updated. Depending on the version from which you've upgraded you might need to take some extra actions.

If you are upgrading from an RFC Version earlier than 1.8, then make sure to update the SAP Celonis User role as well.

If you are upgrading from an RFC Version earlier than 2.0, and the real-time mode is on, please make sure to delete and recreate the Change Log tables in the SAP system. We have introduced some breaking changes in the recent versions, and it requires drop/recreate of the Change Log tables and the triggers.