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Celonis Product Documentation

Updating the IM Knowledge Model, IM Apps and the IM Connector
How to get updates

The Inventory Management connector (extractions, transformations and data model) is constantly being updated and enhanced by Celonis’ product management organization and as are the corresponding apps that leverage this connector. These updates usually take place on a monthly basis for new and improved functionality as well as bug fixes.

The monthly updates (release notes) are communicated inside of the Help space, inside of the page “Release Notes: <Month> <Year>”, and for Inventory Management specifically inside of the sub-page “Applications and Services”. Additionally, these release notes are also available inside of Celopeers, where you can ‘subscribe’ to receive the release notes by email on a monthly basis. The release notes will detail all changes to the connector and apps relating to Inventory Management, and importantly, will also detail any dependencies between releases (eg. a new Inventory app release, or an update of an existing app, is dependent on the latest version of the connector being installed).