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Celonis Product Documentation

Updating when the IM KM changes


When changes are made to the IM KM, you must ensure these changes are made available to all the IM Apps that are linked to it. Changes to the IM KM are indicated in the release notes and in the Marketplace.

  1. Click Publish Package to publish the updated IM KM Package.

  2. Navigate to the IM App Package (e.g. Control Center) Settings and Dependencies.

  3. Click Publish Package to save your version of the IM App with the version of the IM KM and IM App from the Marketplace that it was developed on; this lets you revert to the previous version if necessary.

  4. In IM App Settings, click Update Available to update the Master KM.

  5. When prompted, click Update.

  6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 for each IM App linked to the IM KM App.