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Uploading the ABAP Output to the EMS
General Overview

The SAP ABAP Output Uploader allows you to upload files extracted from SAP via the Celonis ABAP Generator.

To use the Uploader, three steps are required, which must be carried out in advance:

  • Generating an SAP ABAP report using the ABAP Generator

  • Transport the ABAP report into SAP and execute it (performed by the SAP Basis Team). This exports the data into csv files.

The csv files can then be uploaded via the ABAP Output Uploader, which is a special service available in Data Integration => "+ Add a Data Connection" and select "Upload Files" => Go To SAP ABAP Output Uploader

The Uploader will import the files into the dedicated Data Connection in the EMS. It is very important not to change anything in the content or the file names (see the file naming convention below).

The UI of the Uploader consists of three steps that are performed sequentially:

  1. Data Integration Details: Specify the Pool and the Connection on which the data should be uploaded.

  2. ABAP Files: Uploading all files obtained by the ABAP Generator report.

  3. Processing: The files are converted to parquet and loaded into the Data Pool.

File Naming Convention

The ABAP report generates the filenames as per a special logic. This logic is later used by the ABAP Uploader to group the files, and also validate the data completeness. Therefore, DON'T modify the file names. However, if you have to modify them, then make sure to not break the following conventions. Otherwise, the upload or processing will lead to errors:

  • Uppercase table names: The table names in all files need to be uppercase.



  • Uppercase header: The header indicator of the respective file needs to be uppercase as well.



  • No whitespace: Whitespaces at the beginning of the file are not allowed.


    ' T001_0_20180806_120624.csv'

  • No underscores within the table name: Underscores as part of the table name can lead to failures in the upload process.




In the upload process, it shows missing files, but they are definitely part of the ones I uploaded.

Please check if the upload process of your files is still ongoing. In this case, the error might disappear after the complete upload. A grayed-out Cancel button indicates the successful upload of a file.

This is especially likely when a large amount of files is uploaded.

Can I save uploaded tables and proceed with the upload of the remaining tables later on?

In the third step 'Processing' the uploaded tables are loaded to the specified data connection and saved.