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Use Cases - MEL

Multi-Event Log capability adds value for various use cases. In general, there are four high-level use cases where Multi-Event Log can be used to simplify or extend the analytical capabilities:

  • Use Case 1: Put independent processes into context (filter across processes).

  • Use Case 2: Analyze parallel processes by linking multiple hierarchical Event Logs.

  • Use Case 3: Simplified scripts (no-join transformations) by merging Event Logs.

  • Use Case 4: Visualize end-to-end processes by linking multiple Event Logs.


    This functionality is only available inside an Early Access Program. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to be a part of it.

By using existing components and process comprehensive filtering, you can then analyze how KPIs behave across multiple processes. This enables you to identify inefficiencies and their sources that can be spread over several processes.