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Celonis Product Documentation

User Adoption Views


User Adoption view is a new section of team settings that will continuously evolve with the aim of creating deep-dive insights into how users are interacting with the platform. This section will aim to answer the following question:

  • Who is using the platform and how often do they login.


Historically, our customers were unable to understand how the product is being used and by who. This is a limiting factor when customers wish to scale Celonis capabilities across the enterprise.

It is important that our customer champions are able to deep-dive platform usage and adoption so they have the ability to effectively measure and manage team usage.


The solution allows customers to see how often the platform is being accessed and by who. By taking the login history data we have built an admin and settings view that visualises login activity into a monthly active user view.

How to

  • Navigate to Admin and Settings

  • Select user adoption views from the main navigation menu. Note: Since these views contain Pii information that is enabled by activating login history the adoption views are only accessible by team Admins.

  • The view is split into two with monthly logins in the left half of the view and weekly logins on the right.

    • The weekly view is split into unique user logins and the sum of total logins (total logins include multiple logins by the same unique users)

  • The lower section shows the count of logins by the user over a 12mth period. This can be used to identify power users.


Important Considerations

  • The login history feature must be enabled in order to see the user adoption views and the user email addresses. Why? In order to see user information such as email address the admin must acknowledge the consent to collect such information that is triggered via the login history feature.

  • The user views uses the data directly from login history and is therefore tied to that feature. Data will only start to populate in the view once the login history is enabled (data is not backdated before login history is activated)

  • As these views use login history they WILL be affected by any login history deletion periods. Eg - If you set login history to delete logs older than 30days the views will never show monthly active users.

  • Only accessible by Admins! This view is only visible by admins because it’s only the admin who can activate and see the login history feature that enables these views (No Login History = No view).

  • These views do not have deep-dive capability. Version 1 is a static view that simply visualises data from login history and therefore is also limited by what login history does and doesn't capture.

  • The calculations for these views are:

    • In the monthly view, we look for the last 12 months excluding the current month.

    • In weekly views we look for the last 5 weeks (7 days) including the current week and the week start is calculated to be Monday for each of these 5 data points.

    • Average monthly logins are the average over the last 12 months

    • Growth over last month is, % change in logins in the last month over the month before that.

    • Stickiness is derived by dividing Daily Active Users by Monthly Active Users.

      • You can see to which extent Celonis is integrated into daily business.

      • You can not see whether the user will stay.

Re-cap on what has changed

  • A new section has been added to Admin and Settings called Platform Insights and under that section there is our User Adoption views. Over time we will add more capabilities such as full deep-dive analysis.