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Celonis Product Documentation


  • Invite new users via mail invite.

  • Browse your current users, set their roles, lock or remove the users.

User List


The user list shows you all current users in your EMS team:

  1. Search, filter, and sort the list.

  2. The User panel provides you an overview of your users with an explanation against Member, Admins and Analysts. The admin count always shows the effective admin roles (the total amount of admins you actually have across both users and groups). There are color-coded bars for both the Analyst and Admin roles, so it’s easier to identify which are taking more seats of the license.

  3. By selecting all users on the page or by selecting individual users its possible to change the role of all selected or mass remove the selected users.

  4. The column headers provide addition details for each user:

    1. The user and team roles show the permissions set at the individual and at the team level, with an explanation for each. Variation in these is key to understand as it can be due to Group permissions that may allow a user with "Member" permissions to act as an "Analyst" or even an "Admin" at the team level. The user will always adopt the highest permissions.

      • Eg - The second user has the User role of Member and was added to a Group with the permissions of Analyst. This user is effectively an Analyst and NOT a member and will be counted as an analyst against the license.

    2. Number of Groups shows the number of Groups a user is a part of (a user can be a member of a maximum of 50 groups).

    3. Status show the team status of the user, this shows, Active, Invited or Locked

    4. Last login show when the user last signed into the team.

  5. The CSV file will contain a list of all Users, their roles and the Groups and group role they have.

  6. This menu items allows you to go to the user profile, lock the user, remove the user from your team, view and export permissions and also message the user.


    Removing a user from a team doesn't delete the user from Celonis, it simply removes the team membership.

    Only for Analyst and Member roles can you view permissions (not available for Admins because they have all permissions).

User profile

The user profile for each of your members shows you:

  1. The personal details. The personal details are created on sign-up by your user or provided by the user sync.

  2. Set the user role.

  3. Lock the user.


    This will prevent the user from accessing the team. This doesn't remove the user from the team.


  4. Send the user a reset password link. The user will receive a link via email that can be used to reset their password.