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Using Cyberark as a Password Provider

When extracting data from a database via JDBC, the connection is established using the credentials stored in the Celonis Platform to send requests.

While Celonis’ security policy prescribes that all used credentials are stored encrypted within the Celonis Platform, we do acknowledge that some of our customer’s security policies do not allow them to store these credentials in the cloud or use plain text passwords.

For these cases, Cyberark as a password management provider can be integrated. The CyberArk agent is installed on the same on-premises Extractor Server in the customer’s network and provides the password for the database connection.

The actual password is constantly changing, only known by Cyberark and the database credentials are not stored in the Celonis Platform.

This document is prepared as a configuration guide to use Cyberark as a password provider in the Celonis Platform Data Integration.

  • A Cyberark string needs to be prepared for the password that needs to be fetched from Cyberark.

    • An example Cyberark string: cyberark-sdk:appID=MY_APP_ID&safe=MY_SAFE&folder=MY_FOLDER&policyId=MY_POLICY_ID&Object=MY_OBJECT&reason=MY_REASON

  • In order for Cyberark integration to work, a Cyberark agent needs to be installed in the same server where the extractor server is installed

    • On Linux, the service can be checked with the command below:

      sudo service aimprv start
      sudo service aimprv status
  • The Cyberark agent needs to be able to resolve the Cyberark string that is going to be used. Please test the Cyberark string with the local agent before testing with Celonis Platform.

    • On Linux, the password string for the example above can be retrieved with the command below:

      /opt/CARKaim/sdk/clipasswordsdk GetPassword \
          -p AppDescs.AppID="MY_APP_ID" \
          -p Query="Safe=MY_SAFE;Object=MY_OBJECT"\
          -o Password

Step 1: In the related database connection configuration, the Cyberark string needs to be provided in the password field:


Step 2: In the application-local.yml file of the extractor application, the following configuration needs to be added:

  enabled: true

This looks like the following:


Step 3: Restart the extractor server

Troubleshooting Cyberark

For security reasons, error messages are not displayed in the Celonis Platform. In case of errors please refer to the application logs of the extractor server.