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Celonis Product Documentation

Variants slider

The Variants slider allows you to explore your process from the perspective of a particular object type. You can select an object type from the Explore by dropdown or the default selection is applied.

For the core four processes we define the default lead object as follows and save it as part of the default object types definitions:

  • Order to Cash: Sales Order

  • Accounts Payable: Vendor Invoice

  • Accounts Receivable: Customer Invoice

  • Procurement: Purchase Order

Once the object type is selected, Process Sphere calculates the number of variants based on your selection. Each variant represents a “path” that the process can take. The slider is used to indicate the number of variants shown in your graph.

The slider ranges from 1 to a maximum of 99. The variants are added based on how frequently they occur. For example, if “1” is selected, then the most commonly occurring variant is shown. If the slider is moved to “2”, then the second most common variant is added and so on. If the slider is moved all the way to the right, all possible variants are displayed.


The text below the slider shows the total number of variants and the number of variants currently selected. There is also the percentage of processes included in the selected number of variants, such as the 43.2% in the screenshot above. This percentage will be recalculated when the slider is moved.