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Windows Installer to setup the SAP Extractor Service

As a quick refresher, the SAP Extractor Service is the middlemen between the Celonis Cloud and RFC Module. It gets the extractions requests from the Celonis Cloud, forwards this information to the RFC Module in SAP, and sends the data back to the Celonis Cloud once it is extracted from the SAP db.

So far the Extractor service setup was manual, meaning that the user had to manually copy the files, check and install the dependencies, and run a script to install the Windows Service that runs the extractor.

To automate this process, and prevent the most common errors a Windows installer has been developed. It streamlines the following actions:

  • Checks that the Java 11 or a higher version is installed

  • Automatically installs the VC++ 2010 and VC++ 2013 dependency libraries

  • Allows the user to define the Uplink connection credentials in the installation wizard

  • Creates the Windows Service that runs the extractor

The installer works for the upgrade as well, assuming that the running instance has been set up via the installer. The installer can be downloaded from the download page, and the installation instructions can be found here.


The JCo files should still be setup manually after the installation, because their distribution by third-parties is not allowed.