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Real Time Transformations
What is it?
  • Real-Time Transformations represent a new concept that enables the transformation of unprocessed records, thus avoiding to drop & recreate the data that has already been processed

  • They can be set-up in the Replication Cockpit => Transformation Configuration tab

  • They work on top of the SAP Real Time Extractor



  • Using Replication Cockpit

  • Already have the SAP Real Time Extractor.

  • Min. version of RFC Module: 2.0.0

  • Min. version of Extractor: 2020-10-19

Why should I use it?
  • Enable fast and effective transformations

  • Make your data pipeline more robust and less error-prone

  • Ensure predictable runtimes

    => supporting your real-time connectivity use cases

How can I get started?

The setup requires some migration effort and changes in the transformation scripts.

We have developed ready-to-use templates for O2C and P2P that can be used for new and existing implementations.

Additionally, an extensive Setup Guide is available.

Where can I find more detailed information?