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Celonis Product Documentation

Getting Started Guide

This guide helps you install and configure the Inventory Management Master Data Improvement (IMCC) app. Once configured, you can then start validating your parameter recommendations.

[Optional] Prerequisites


As of version 2.0.0, the dependency to the IM Starter Kit app has been removed from the IMCC. With this version, the IMCC comes with its own self-contained knowledge model. 

It is still possible to use the IM Starter Kit's Master Knowledge Model as a single point of truth for all Inventory Management KPIs. If you want to leverage this in your implementation, follow the relevant steps as outlined in App Installation.

If you are conducting a fresh implementation with the goal of setting up more than just the IMCC, it is recommended to set up the dependency to the IM Starter Kit to simplify maintenance of KPIs.

Inventory Management Starter Kit

The IM Starter Kit comes with a number of validation views and further documentation on KPIs. Thus, while no hard requirement, the Starter Kit still helps accelerate the validation process, making the implementation of IMCC more efficient.