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Celonis Product Documentation

Customer Journey

Manage Customer Experience

Define customer experience management models.

Customer Experience Management is a marketing instrument that describes the cycles of a customer journey (from awareness of a product/service to purchase and long-term customer loyalty). Celonis Process Management's process world can be combined with a customer trip in a uniform management system.

Modeling Customer Journey Maps

The Customer Journey Map is built up by individual Customer Journey Steps and depicts the chronological sequence of steps as a customer/person moves to their destination. The goals can be different and changed by strategic touch points or further information.

Generate Customer Journey Map

An aggregated graphical representation of all customer journey steps with additional information, such as linked processes, in the form of a configurable "profile" (matrix) is possible.

Define customer touchpoints

The customers' touch points with the company are defined. They form the interface between the customer, the brand, the internal company process, and the persona (the potential customer).

Define Stakeholders

The list of all stakeholders with direct or indirect contact with customers illustrates the complexity of service provision and helps identify potential for improvement.

Determine and define personas.

Personas reflect certain persons/target groups with their respective typical characteristics. These include characteristics such as purchasing behavior, interests, age, etc.

Survey and define the voice of the customer

Collecting customer requirements (voice of the customer) is also important for creating a comprehensive customer journey map. Here, the expectations, likes, and dislikes of the customer are described.

Define distribution channels

All distribution channels are listed. They are closely related to the TouchPoints.