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Email Reports

Email Reports let analysts control which KPIs are contained in the emails, who receives the emails, and when emails are sent out.



This feature replaces the previous feature of 'Subscribe to KPIs'. All existing KPI subscriptions are automatically migrated to Reports.

  • Only analysts and team admins can create and change reports.

  • KPI permissions are not applied to the recipients, only the permissions of the report creator are taken into consideration. Example: as an analyst, I have permissions on 5 KPIs on my team and I can send a report with these 5 KPIs to anyone.

  • Recipients cannot unsubscribe from emails - report creators need to remove them from the recipient list.

Report Creation

To create a report, go to Transformation Center and on the left navigation bar, you will find Reports.

A new report can be created using the New Report button.

A report consists of three sections:

When: When and how often should the report be sent and at what time.

  • Daily = every day (with the option of excluding weekends)

  • Weekly = once a week

  • Monthly = once a month

Content: The content consists of

  • Custom/automated subject line

  • Custom message

  • The list of KPIs that should be sent via the report


  • A daily KPI can be sent daily, weekly, and monthly.

  • A weekly KPI can be sent weekly and monthly.

  • A weekly KPI cannot be sent daily and a monthly KPI cannot be sent daily or monthly

The right side of the report shows a preview of the email you will receive.

To: The list of recipients. Any team member can be selected as a recipient, except locked users.

Additional Configuration

Using the context menu, a report can be edited, renamed, or deleted. (only visible for team admins or analysts that have created reports).

A report can have either an Active or Inactive status. This status can be changed by editing the report. An inactive report will not send out emails.