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Celonis Product Documentation

Procurement Starter Kit - object-centric

The Procurement Starter Kit helps you kick-start your process mining journey for Procurement, by showing in which areas Celonis can help your business reduce spend, improve productivity and optimize working capital.

Each Celonis Starter Kit focuses on the use cases that are proven to generate the most value for businesses. For the Procurement Starter Kit, these are:

  • Contract Usage: validate and analyze all orders not linked to contracts.

  • Touchless Orders: validate and analyze manual and automated activities linked to orders.

  • Free Text Orders: validate and analyze orders generated without using a catalog.

  • On-Time In-Full: validate and analyze the delivery status of orders.

  • Three Way Match: validate and analyze value and quantity levels among purchase orders, invoice receipts, and goods receipts.

  • Planning Parameters: validate and analyze lead times with respect to the planned parameters.

The object-centric Procurement Starter Kit comprises:

  • The Procurement Knowledge Model, with the KPIs (key performance indicators) and formulas that contain the process knowledge for Procurement.

  • A Validation Cockpit, for you to validate your ingested business data, understand how core process KPIs are calculated, and adjust the variable values and the Starter Kit views to fit your requirements.

  • A Process Cockpit, for you to work with the supplied use cases and your customized views.

This documentation is for the object-centric version of the Procurement Starter Kit, which works with objects and events created for object-centric process mining. It uses the perspective_celonis_Procurement perspective that’s supplied with our object-centric data model. The perspective includes the objects, events, and relationships from the object-centric data model that are relevant for the Procurement business process.

For the documentation and setup instructions for the case-centric version of the Procurement Starter Kit, see Procurement Starter Kit.