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Celonis Product Documentation

High-Level Process
  1. Set up the Connection to an SAP system from Celonis (detailed instructions can be found at How do I set up my SAP data connection?).

    1. Set up the extractor server

    2. Configure the connection

  2. Install and Configure the SAP-ECC Accounts Payable Process connector from the EMS Marketplace (detailed instructions can be found in the Process Connector Installation guide)

  3. Install the A/P Starter Kit App from the Marketplace.

    1. Select the app in the EMS Marketplace

    2. Assign your SAP Accounts Payable Data Model to the variable

  4. Finish the setup

    1. Validate and customize the Knowledge Model and runtime variables

    2. Implement KPI customizations in the Knowledge Model

    3. Implement customizations in Views