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Celonis Product Documentation

Payment Term Checker app - object-centric

The Payment Term Checker app compares payment terms on open invoices, purchase orders, and vendor master data to identify unfavorable mismatches, and prioritizes the invoices for you to resolve. With the Payment Term Checker app, you can:

  • Drive Free Cash Flow improvements by avoiding paying invoices too early due to unfavorable mismatches.

  • Improve Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) by maximizing available payment terms.

  • Standardize payment terms usage by identifying vendors with multiple terms or inconsistent usage of payment terms.

The Payment Term Checker app comes with these views:

  • Payment Terms App (the Action View) - this is the main view that business users can use for their daily tasks, with the tabs Open Payment Terms Issues, Resolved Invoices, and Vendor Details.

    • The Open Payment Terms Issues tab shows all open invoices that have short payment terms, or payment terms that don’t match those in the purchase order or vendor master data. The app prioritizes the list, taking into account the invoice value, remaining payment term, and whether there are better payment terms available on the purchase order or in the vendor master data.

    • The Resolved Invoices tab shows invoices where the payment terms mismatches or short payment terms were resolved, and the total free cash flow impact of that.

    • The Vendor Details tab shows aggregated insights at the vendor level to identify which, if any, vendors require action.

  • Settings - this is a view where you can manage the values of the app’s runtime variables.

This documentation is for the object-centric version of the Payment Term Checker app, which works with objects and events created for object-centric process mining. It uses the perspective_celonis_Accounts Payable perspective that’s supplied with our object-centric data model. The perspective includes the objects, events, and relationships from the object-centric data model that are relevant for the Accounts Payable business process.

For the documentation and setup instructions for the case-centric version of the app, see Installing the object-centric Payment Term Checker app .