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Celonis Product Documentation

Open Order Processing app - object-centric

The Open Order Processing app prioritizes and monitors open orders with a focus on inefficiencies, such as blocked, delayed, or incorrect orders. The app surfaces common inefficiencies and helps you resolve them by suggesting corrective actions. You can get a real-time view of open sales orders and the relevant operational KPIs, and manage the team's workload by assigning orders automatically and manually.

The Open Order Processing app helps you to:

  • Get a personalized and prioritized view of open sales orders.

  • See all relevant order information and context such as the order status.

  • Identify and resolve the most frequent inefficiencies.

  • Steer and balance your team’s workload.

The Open Order Processing app comes with these views:

  • Open Order Processing (Action View) - this is the main view that business users can use for their daily tasks.

  • Setup and Validation - this is a view to guide you through the setup process, where you can validate and configure the variables used by the app. The parameters you set in this view are automatically changed in the app and Knowledge Model settings and reflected in the Action View.

This documentation is for the object-centric version of the Open Order Processing app, which works with objects and events created for object-centric process mining. It uses the perspective_celonis_OrderManagement perspective that’s supplied with our object-centric data model. The perspective includes the objects, events, and relationships from the object-centric data model that are relevant for the Order Management business process.

For the documentation and setup instructions for the case-centric version of the app, see Getting Started Guide.