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Validation and Error Resolution
View Validation

For the validation it’s recommended to start with the “Action View” and click through the app (KM and profile views need to be published first). As described in the previous sections, this is the central view the users will work on. All other views are just building blocks that are integrated into this view.

However, when noticing any error in the view, the “component views” need to be opened as most components are of the type “embedded view”.

Error Resolution

Having identified the erroneous component or content, toggle the edit mode and then click Edit Component to open the visual editor. There, you will be able to update/remove content or identify the underlying KM ID to perform a potential update there. For certain changes it is required to open the code editor of the complete view (e.g. disable drop-downs).

To do this, you can perform the following steps:

  1. Identify the component or content affected by toggling in Edit mode while hovering over the component affected.

  2. Select Edit to open the code editor, view the component definition and copy the component ID.

  3. Open the YAML editor for the entire view.

  4. Paste the component ID.

  5. Select Preview Final View and copy and paste the entire component configuration into the YAML editor.

  6. Verify that the YAML is correct and update as necessary. It is recommended to only keep the updated config in the YAML as everything stored in the extension is overwriting the definitions in the BASE making it potentially harder to install updates.

  7. In order to disable a field, you can use the scopes attribute (e.g. scope: DISABLED or scope: HIDDEN).

  8. Save the YAML.