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Celonis Product Documentation

Pool level KPIs
Utilization Rate

Resource Utilization Rate shows the percentage of working hours a resource pool is spending performing their activities. A utilization rate of 80% means that this resource pool is occupied at 80% of its capacity. The grey shade between 40% and 80% indicates something like a “best practices” interval - below that the resources are under-utilized, above that over-utilized. This is just an indicator based on what we learned when working with customers. Utilization of 100% means that all work hours are spent performing process activities. However, it does not factor in breaks, meetings, and other activities that are not part of the simulation model.

Total Processing Time per Pool

The total time the resources of a Pool spent procesing cases, both finished and unfinished.

Total Processing Time per Case per Pool

The average Processing Time a case spends on Activities assigned to the specific Pool until it is finished. Aggregated only over finished cases.