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Building an Analysis in Studio

Building Instruments in the Studio is easy. It allows you to build known-and-loved analyses within the Studio.

Build a package

In case you don't have a package (or don't want to include this analysis in an existing package) in the Studio yet, you need to create a package first before building an instrument.

Navigate to the Studio and click on "Create Package" in the left-side navigation panel.


Now enter a name for your package.

For "Type", choose "Instrument".

Adding a new Analysis to your package

Now click on "New Analysis"


Now enter a name for your analysis.

You also need to choose a data model variable.

You can create a new data model variable if you haven't created one yet or want to set up a new one.


In the next screen, you can choose a data model and create a data variable. You see the underlying data pool and the load status of the data model.

By clicking next, you are prompted to enter a key for your variable. Entering a description for your variable is optional. Don't forget to click save.

Bring your analysis to life

Now you can choose between different pre-configures sheets for your analysis. If you want to build from scratch, click "new sheet".


You can start adding components to your analysis by clicking on "add connection" or clicking on the "edit" toggle in the upper right corner.


Now you can add different components such as process analysis components, charts and tables, machine learning components, single KPI components, selection components, and design components.

Just drag and drop a component to your canvas on the left and adjust its size and position to fit your needs.


If you are happy with the outcome, don't forget to publish your instrument to make it available to your business users in Apps. Just click on the "Publish Instrument" icon in the upper right of the Studio.

The Instrument is now available in Apps.

Learn more about Studio and Apps.