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Celonis Product Documentation

Migrating from Celonis 4 to Studio

You can migrate your content from Celonis 4 to Studio using CTP files.

For a video walk through of this process:


Prerequisites for migrating content

  • Ensure you have the required user permissions:

    • Celonis Platform: Creating Packages in Studio, Using Data Models.

    • Celonis 4: A user account with the Global Content Administrator role.

  • Ensure your Celonis 4 version is 4.6 or above.


This migration only supports CTP files created on Celonis 4 version 4.6 and above. If you need help at any point, please contact your CSM.

Potential Errors

Please note that the supported file size for image uploads in Studio is 10 MB per image. Images exceeding the size limit will result in migration errors.

Migration procedure

Step 1:

Create a Celonis 4 Transport (CTP file)

  • Log in to your Celonis 4 instance.

  • Navigate to the Transport screen and click Create a transport.

  • Add all Analyses (and their data models) that you would like to group into one package in Studio.

  • Make sure to remember the Transport password.

  • Click Done when finished.

Please note:

  • The "Global Content Administrator" role is required to create transport files.

  • When creating the Transport file, make sure to select the Include data model checkbox when adding the Analyses. The Data Model metadata is used for creating the Data Model Variable name in the Studio. If you do not check this option, a variable with a default name ("data model default") will be created in the Studio. The Data Model variable is used to assign the Data Model to the Analyses.


    The Data Model itself will not be migrated with this tool.

  • The shared bookmarks will be included in the Transport and will be owned by the Celonis Platform user running the command for migration. Personal bookmarks will not be migrated, as users can not be mapped between Celonis 4 and the Celonis Platform. If you want to include personal bookmarks, you must first share them.

  • Please keep in mind that shared images can not be transferred - only the images specific to one analysis.

Step 2:

  • Log in to the Celonis Platform and navigate to the following URL (make sure that you replace the team domain with your own):

  • You will be redirected to this screen:


Step 3:

  • Click Start.

  • Upload the CTP file that you extracted earlier from your on-premise instance.


Step 4:

  • Enter the password of your CTP file and click OK.


Step 5:

  • Wait until your CTP file is uploaded.

  • Validate the overview of your CTP file (i.e. the Analyses that are included).

  • Click Next.


Step 6:

  • Select a Studio Space.

  • Give your Studio package a name (this name will be the name of your package in Studio).

  • Assign a Data Model to your package (then the Data Model variable in Studio will be set automatically).

  • Click Migrate Package to Studio.


Step 7:

  • Wait until you receive the message that your migration has completed successfully.

  • You can then directly view the package in Studio by clicking Open Package in Studio.