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Send PDF Report via Mail

Creating Reports from Celonis Analysis by hand can be annoying. That's the reason we provide you with that automation solution which enables you to send PDF reports automatically.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to implement this solution for your Celonis Action Flows use case.

Sample Action Flow

The image below shows a working Action Flow which:

  • creates a PDF report from a Studio Analysis

  • sends PDF to specified email recipients

Configuring Action Flow

Below you will find the step-by-step guide for configuring each module of the above Action Flow.

1. Get PDF Report from Analysis




Action Flows Module: Celonis

Action: Create PDF Report

Connection: Create a Connection with an Application Key, following the setup here: .

Analysis:Select the Studio Analysis you would like to create the report from


Ensure that yourStudio Analysis is publishedand that the Application Key has permissions to use the analysis.

Your Application Key requires"USE" permissions on the Analysis.

Sheets: Select one or multiple sheets that should be included in the report


Please note that only sheets of type New Sheet can be included! Sheets of other types e.g. process overview, conformance will create an empty report.

2. Send PDF as attachment




Action Flows Module: Email

Action: Send an Email

To: choose Recipients of your choice

Subject: choose a Subject of your choice

Content Type: HTML

Content: choose Content of your Choice

Attachments: (see below)

  • File name: Report.pdf - select file name that must end with .pdf

  • Data: {{pdfReport}} - map the PDF report from previous module

Download Action Flows Blueprint

You can download a blueprint of the Action Flow defined in this Help Page here:

This blueprint can be imported into your Celonis EMS Team so that you can quickly make the required changes without needing to build the Action Flow from scratch.

Potential Alternatives

You could replace the email module with a Gmail module.

Possible Use Cases
  • Send open Sales Orders to your business unit

  • Get a weekly report on last week's processes

  • Get a visual report of last week's OKRs