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Define Objectives

Setting up an Objective in Transformation Center

Transformation Center revolves around your ongoing process improvement initiatives. For this purpose, Transformation Center provides various tools with which you can obtain an overview of the status of the current initiatives and the associated KPIs. In addition, Transformation Center provides you with capabilities to directly take action if a KPI does not develop as desired.

The two main structural elements of the Transformation Center are Objectives and KPIs. An Objective represents an initiative for a specific, goal-oriented process improvement such as "Optimizing Delivery Performance" or "Improving Working Capital". KPIs serve to make the current status and success of the initiative measurable.

An objective can contain multiple KPIs. For example, the progress of an initiative to improve delivery performance might be monitored by the two KPIs "On-Time Delivery Rate" and "Delivery Block Ratio".

To set up an Objective in Transformation Center, go to the Transformation Center dashboard and click the New button.