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Execution Templates

Users can save and reuse personal templates for their Skills.

Execution Templates - Overview
  • Execution Templates allow users to save templates for a Skill.

  • Any user can create Execution Templates for a Skill.

  • Execution Templates are user- and Skill-specific.

  • Analysts can create Execution Templates within the Skill configuration to make them available to all users.

Create a new Execution Template
  • Users can easily create new Execution Templates on the Execution Page.

  • After saving an Execution Template, the user will be able to select from his/her templates during the next execution.

  • Execution Templates can be deleted by clicking on 'Manage Execution Templates'

  • Users can only delete their own Execution Templates. Execution Templates that have been created by an Analyst in the Skill configuration, cannot be deleted by single users.

  • Analysts can also directly configure Execution Templates in the Skill configuration. These Execution Templates will be available to all users during Skill execution.