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List of created inefficiencies

Another important variable to consider is the VARIABLE_LIST_OF_EXECUTION_GAPS. This variable contains all the inefficiencies created and is used to exclude the inefficiencies from the rest of the available PRs on the scope. If you create another use case, the name of the task created on the Smart Sensor would need to be added here.


Hint 1: You can validate the syntax of the PQL code in your Knowledge Model by either:

  • clicking on the pen icon next to the code in the visual editor or;

  • by highlighting the code, right-clicking your selection, and selecting ‘Validate PQL’ in the YAML editor.

Hint 2: You can deactivate definitions in the Knowledge Model by setting the Scope field to “Disabled”.


Hint 3: You can see which other objects refer to a variable by pasting the Variable ID in the search bar and browsing the KM objects where it is used.