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Celonis Product Documentation

Setting up Transformation Hub


Transformation Hub is included by default for Celonis Foundation, Celonis Process Based, and C4C Credit Based customers. If your team should have access to Transformation Hub but you’re not seeing it in the navigation menu, please reach out to your Celonis representative.

Accessing Transformation Hub

To access Transformation Hub, users must have an Admin role for their team. Transformation Hub is accessible to all team users with Admin roles by default.

Setting the currency

First, the currency needs to be selected. You will not be able to frame or set up value tracking for value opportunities until the currency has been selected. This selection determines the currency symbol that is displayed throughout Transformation Hub. You will still need to ensure that any value framed or realized is converted and displayed in the same desired currency.


Transformation Hub can only support a single currency, meaning you cannot change currencies or view values using another currency in this opportunity. To change currencies, you will need to remove any data that has been entered to start a new opportunity with a different currency.

Once set, the currency can only be changed prior to entering any value framed or any value realized being set up for a value opportunity. This is to ensure that no values input under one currency become inaccurate due to the currency being changed.