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Prerequisites for the case-centric Parked & Blocked Invoices app



Further information

Access to the Parked & Blocked Invoices Execution App

Check with your Customer Value Manager to ensure that you have been granted access and all required features have been enabled.

Data Model

Recommended: Operational Data Model based on the current SAP ECC AP process connector from the Marketplace.

In case a third party system is involved (e.g. VIM Open Text, ReadSoft), please refer to Integration of third-party pre-processing systems.

It’s recommended to have a central case table considering both parked and posted invoices

The version used is very important as the data extractions, transformations and Data Model configuration can vary significantly between versions.

If you cannot use the recommended model, you will need to compare your settings to the recommended settings to identify differences. You may also need additional customizations.

All tables in the Data Model fulfill the technical requirements

Tables in the Data Model must contain fewer than 30 million rows.

The number of Tasks per Record is limited to 100,000.

You can use Tasks on up to 100 different Records per Data Model.

If you don’t meet the requirements, see the FAQs on limitations.

Restrict tables that do not meet this requirement by only loading open orders in the Data Model.

For the real-time capabilities of the Parked & Blocked Invoices Execution App to function properly, the Data Model must be small and consist only of open invoices.

These are the technical requirements for using Task Augmentation technology.

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