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Task Mining - Preview Mode
Preview Mode

Available with Task Mining configuration editor since version 2.9.2.

To speed up the configuration and validation of captured data, the analyst can directly launch the Live Event Monitor from the Configuration Editor to preview captured data and see elements from which data is captured highlighted with a bounding box. This way, when the analyst wants to test some changes, the analyst can skip uploading the saved configuration to the Celonis Platform and open the Task Mining client.

Once the configuration is done, the analyst uploads the configuration as usual, to apply it to the project and all related users.


To get the same data preview as the Client will capture later, be sure to use the same version.


  • No highlighting support for special events that are not related to a UI element, such as Task Mining Started, Task Mining Stopped, Idle Timeout, etc. Only the captured data is shown.

How it works:

Starting from the Configuration Editor, open a configuration file or create new configurations, and then configure the Event Processing Rules to define which events and attributes should be captured. You might also configure the extension settings, as well as the Web Page Extractions and SAP integration.

If you start with a new empty configuration, you don’t have to define any project connection. Since the Preview Mode does not interact with the Celonis Platform or the File System, it’s not mandatory at this step to configure the Data Connection or Caching attributes.

You might also configure the preview setting to indicate whether to highlight the captured events. The possible settings are to highlight the:

  • Active window: the current active window of the event.

  • Active control: the current control (focused or by position) based on the event type.

  • SAP control: the current SAP control the user interacts with.

After setting up the required configurations, click the Preview button to start capturing the data. The captured events are displayed in a table inside the Configuration Editor. No data will be stored and all captured events will be deleted when closing the window or stopping the Preview Mode.