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Orchestration Engine

Orchestration Engine (OE) is an automation system created by Celonis’ partner, Emporix, that allows companies to dynamically optimize their processes based on real-time, end-to-end process intelligence.

With OE, you can create, manage, and coordinate multiple automations simultaneously. In combination with the process intelligence it receives from Celonis Platform, OE is a powerful tool that allows you to close a gap between the operation of your business and the sales, marketing, and communication channels that extend them out to the customer.

Release news

To learn about new features, product improvements, and minor and major changes, visit Emporix New Releases.

How Orchestration Engine works

OE builds on data collected from various sources and gathered in Celonis Platform. This data is then used to trigger different automations in response to events happening in your business. Whenever you receive business data from Celonis Platform, or when you receive insights about customers' behavior, you can react immediately to improve your commerce operations. For instance, your customer has made a bulk order that exceeds your stock level. Thanks to the OE automation and data from Celonis Platform, additional items are automatically ordered from the manufacturer to fulfill the customer's original order. This is one of many possible use cases for OE. For more examples, see Orchestration Engine uses.

Some key OE capabilities:

  • Allows you to coordinate multiple automation in the context of a single digital process.

  • Designed to handle long-running digital processes, for example, tracking on-time delivery.

  • Allows you to incorporate human in the loop - interactions from users can be integrated into the automation process, which will adapt accordingly.

  • Designed for high-scale with lots of users and processes running at the same time.

For an overview of OE, see our Celonis Academy video:


For the complete guide and latest news on OE , go to Emporix Orchestration Engine help center.