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Celonis Product Documentation

Connector Dependent App Updates
15.11.2022 - Release


The field “TBTKZ” has been added as an additional field in the extraction of RSEG and the line comment in the “OT Create Table: TMP_AP_RSEG_RBDRSEG” has been commented out. The field is used to recognize subsequent debits/credits on open invoices. The field is used in the KM at DEBIT_CREDIT_INDICATOR, KPI_PurchaseOrder_SUM_InvoiceQuantityParked, KPI_PurchaseOrder_SUM_InvoiceQuantityPosted,


EKBE - Data Integration

The field REFWR has been added into the extraction and is used in the KM at KPI_PurchaseOrderItem_SUM_InvoicedAmountCleared, KPI_PurchaseOrder_SUM_InvoicedAmountCleared