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Celonis Product Documentation

Initial EcoVadis extraction
  1. Go into Data Jobs, click New Data Job and then select the connection you just created.

  2. Go into the job you created and select the “Extract Tables:Supplier Rating Connector (Full Load)” template.

  3. If no template is found, create the job without a template and you will see the following screen:

  4. Click Add Tables and then select the “suppliers” table.

  5. Go to Configure Columns and change the data type of the “scorecard_link” field from STRING to TEXT.

  6. Once you save, the configuration is created.

  7. Enter your job:

  8. Then configure the Filter Statement with: page_number=1



    Due to a limitation in Celonis pagination, after running your extraction job once, in case your customer has more than 500 suppliers in EcoVadis (remember we needed to have the page_size = 500 configured in the extractor, which is the maximum EcoVadis API allows), you need to run this extraction again, in a Delta Load having increased the page_number by 1. Repeat this process until you have all of the suppliers from EcoVadis.

    For example, if a customer has 1,200 suppliers in the EcoVadis network, we need to run the data job in a Delta Load with page_number=1. Then again with page_number=2 and finally with page_number=3.

  9. You should now have your first EcoVadis data. To confirm, go into Global Jobs and add a new data job “EcoVadis Transformations” under the global schema.

  10. Then select the scope of your extraction and run a simple command:

    select * from <%=DATASOURCE:ECOVADIS_CONNECTION%>."suppliers"
  11. You should see EcoVadis data in your “suppliers” table.