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Edit mass data


This feature is only available after the Admin activates it.

The prerequisite is the previous activation of the Multiselection in lists feature!

This feature enables Admins and Architects to edit a large number of linked objects quickly, e.g., mass changes of connected roles, responsible persons, or definitions of scope filters. Existing elements can be removed or changed, and new elements can be added.

It is recommended to first increase the list page size to 200 under Settings to have a full overview:

Set list page size

To edit mass data, navigate to the list view of the respective facet, e.g. PROCESS list. Then all processes or objects whose linked elements are to be edited are selected. The respective status is irrelevant.

Selection to edit mass data

Clicking on the (now active) Edit button in the toolbar opens a dialog window for further input.

Dialogue for mass data editing

When all mass data have been processed, a clear change notice appears after clicking OK. New / data to be replaced is shown in green, and data to be removed is shown in red. Unchanged elements are also listed. The mass data is only actually changed after you confirm it again (OK).

Change notice for mass data editing


Changes can only be made by Architects or Admins

You can only edit processes that have the status "in progress," i.e., no changes are made to release processes

If the wrong object is accidentally selected, which is not linked to the process, it is treated as an element to be removed