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Set up key performance indicators

In the KPI facet, company-relevant key performance indicators are defined in a hierarchical structure or as a list, and their interaction and dependencies are displayed logically.

The previous representation of KPIs in lists can now be converted to a representation as architecture by deactivating the feature. Method: Key figures as a list (instead of architecture). Existing KPIs can thus be arranged in a hierarchical structure from the orphan view.


This Preview feature is only available after the Admin activates it.

If you have created a large number of objects, you are more likely to leave this feature activated for performance reasons.

In the detailed content, each key figure can be assigned specific actual/target values and warning/action limits, and other monetary aspects are represented in KPIs. Furthermore, driver trees can be formed from key figures independent of the hierarchy in the architecture.

The corresponding key figure is calculated and displayed in selectable cycles by storing formulas and the necessary data source and calculation systems.

Creating KPI-Reports with subordinate KPI-Report chapters enables the clear presentation of aggregated key figures in fact sheet format.