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Celonis Product Documentation

Manage validity of elements

By assigning a start and end date for validity, the Author can define which version is valid for the Viewer. The Author can make the setting before a status change.

Set validity date for processes

The process/object's validity starts when the date is reached. From this point on, the element's state changes from Released to Valid.


If the field remains empty, Process Designer automatically sets a validity start date two weeks after release.

Scenario 1: Release a new process but release for a future point in time:

The Author can release another version and set it to Valid later. The previous version expires when the new version reaches the validity start date.

Scenario 2: Set several objects to Valid at the same time:

For example, the author can release his processes at the beginning of the next quarter by means of a uniform validity start. Process Designer automatically sets these processes to Valid as soon as the time is reached.

Pre-releasing a released process

The Viewer will be notified with a hint when:

  • A version is "in effect" and there is a new version "released" that has a validity start in the future.

  • The process is in the "released" state, but not yet in the "in effect" state.

Please note the following:

  • There should be a suitable time period between release and effect.

  • Only one version can have the status "Valid".