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Celonis Product Documentation

Basic data redaction

Data redaction is a process of removing pieces of data from sensitive or personally identifiable information to ensure its security. Data redaction in Task Mining collects all data necessary for the effective task mining process without also collecting any personal or sensitive data. Basic data redaction replaces predefined data types with an asterisk (*).

To enable basic data redaction:

  1. In your Task Mining project, click Client Settings.

  2. In the Privacy Settings section, enable the desired data redaction use cases.

    You can mask the following data using the basic data redaction setting:

    Data type


    Social Security Number (SSN)

    It is a 9-digit number issued to US citizens, permanent residents, and temporary working residents.

    Credit/Debit Card Number

    The number for a credit or debit card.


    An email address, such as


    The Windows user name, such as m.doe.

    Machine name

    The name of the computer where Task Mining is running on, e..g LP-1941.

  3. Click Save Client settings.

    It might take a couple of minutes for this change to be applied to all connected Task Mining clients.

    If you wish to define data to be redacted yourself, you can create custom redaction rules using the Task Mining client. See Custom data redaction.