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Celonis Product Documentation

Signal Details (optional)

The details section determines the Signal details displayed to the business user when opening a Signal in the My Inbox page.


The Signal details section comprises two elements:

  1. Description: Description of the Signal.

    • Just enter a description for the Signal.

    • It is possible to embed placeholders for the columns defined in the result table of the previous step. These placeholders are filled dynamically for each Signal and allow to use of the information such as the invoice number, value, …

    • It is possible to use basic HTML for formatting and hyperlinks.

  2. Details: Detail table displayed for a Signal.

    • Example: the Signal refers to a purchase order, the details table can be used to show the purchase order line items together with material numbers, net values, …

    • Additional filter field: pops up if a details table is defined. The filter field indicates the filters that are applied to the data model before creating the details table. Its purpose is to only display detailed information for the single Signal that is considered. By default, it contains conditions with respect to the Signal ID defined in the Signal tab. As an example, if the filter was removed and the details table consisted of the purchase order item number, the details table would list all items across all Signals.

Multi-step Skill

For a multiple-step Skill, the details table refers to the data model of the last pipeline step in the Signal tab.