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Celonis Product Documentation

Connecting to Oracle BI Publisher

You can connect your Oracle BI Publisher instance to the Celonis Platform, allowing you to use the data from your reports. By connecting your Oracle BI Publisher instance, you grant the Celonis Platform read-only access to your data, with any data shared through HTTPS, ensuring an encrypted information exchange.

Prerequisites for connecting to Oracle BI Publisher

Before connecting to your Oracle BI Publisher instance, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  • User permissions: You need access to an Oracle BI Publisher user with the following permissions enabled:

    • Create and edit Data Model

    • Access to the tables that should be extracted

    • Create and Download Report

    • Access to SOAP service

  • Allowlist Celonis Platform IPs and domains: If your Coupa instance is only reachable within a certain IP range, you need to allowlist the outbound IPs of the Celonis Platform, otherwise data cannot be extracted. The IPs of the Celonis Platform are different depending on the cluster (eu-1 or us-1).

    For more information, see: Allowlisting domain names and IP addresses.

Creating a data connection between Oracle BI Publisher and Celonis Platform

With access to an Oracle BI Publisher user and required permissions, you can create a data connection between your Oracle BI Publisher instance and the Celonis Platform from your data pool diagram:

  1. Click Data Connections.

  2. Click Add Data Connection and select Connect to Data Source.

  3. Select Cloud - Oracle BI Publisher.

  4. Configure the following connection details:

    • Host: The URL of the Oracle BI publisher that you want to connect to. Use the following format here:
    • Username and password: The username and password for the user configured in the prerequisites.

    • Reports: Add each report you want to use in the Celonis Platform as an individual line item using the following format:

  5. Click Test Connection and correct any issues highlighted.

  6. Click Save.

    The connection between your Oracle BI Publisher tenant and the Celonis Platform is establised. You can manage this connection at any time by clicking options:

Report configuration and further information

When configuring your reports in Oracle BI Publisher, the following applies:

  • Format: In order to extract a report it has to be saved in .xml format. This can be done in Oracle via Edit Report > View a list > Output Format: Data (XML) > Default Format: Data (XML) > Save.

  • Maximum size: 524288000 bytes. To support this, you can create parameters for your reports and then filter the data based on that parameter. We recommend creating a date parameter, ensuring that only data from a defined date range is included (and not all data since the report started running).

For further information about using Oracle BI Publisher, see: - Oracle BI Publisher Overview and Best Practices and