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Celonis Product Documentation

Shipped Not Invoiced app - case-centric

The Shipped Not Invoiced app helps you ensure every sales order item gets invoiced. It provides an actionable view of all items which have been shipped but not invoiced. The app intelligently prioritizes unbilled items based on both the item value and the billing delay, highlights inefficiencies, and provides relevant context to resolve issues fast.

With the Shipped Not Invoiced app, you can:

  • Detect late and aged unbilled items.

  • Review unbilled items in order of priority based on their value impact.

  • Resolve causes such as billing blocks directly from the app.

The app helps you to quickly and effectively recoup your losses from unbilled items, and ensure process adherence going forward.

The Shipped Not Invoiced app comes with these views:

  • Action View - this is the main view that business users can use for their daily tasks, with Open Items and Closed Items tabs.

  • User Guide - this is an onboarding view for business users to explore the app’s functions interactively.

  • Validation and Value Assessment - this is a quickstart view for setup, where you can validate business logic and make a value assessment for this use case. The parameters you set in this view are automatically changed in Settings and reflected in the Action View.

  • Settings - this is a view where you can manage the values of the app’s runtime variables.

This documentation is for the case-centric version of the Shipped Not Invoiced app. For the documentation and setup instructions for the object-centric version of the app, see Shipped Not Invoiced app - object-centric.