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Celonis Product Documentation

Drilling down with Process Navigator

When you drill down into the detail for a process or content, you enter part of Process Navigator called the Process Journal. In the Process Journal, you can:

Viewing high-level information in Process Navigator
  1. In My Overview, select a type category.

    A type category could be, for example, Processes or Documents or Systems.

  2. Hover your cursor over a process or specific content.

  3. Click Details.

    Example showing the details option when hovering in My Overview.
  4. A pop-up window appears.



    Select Subscriptions button from anywhere in the pop-up window to get notifications about any changes to the process or content. Or click Action icon. to send feedback.

  5. In the pop-up window, select:

    1. Info to see a description of the process or content, any scope filters that have been applied and other details relevant to the process or content type.

    2. Details for participant and status information and any simulation results.

    3. Release History for version information.

Viewing detailed process information in Process Navigator
  1. In My Overview, select Processes.

  2. Click a process.

    The individual steps for the process display, with the breadcrumbs along the top showing where the process sits in the process hierarchy.

    Example showing the steps in a process.


    Click View to change how swimlanes are displayed and what they represent.

  3. Click an individual process step.

    A pop-up window containing information and details about the process step appears.

    An example showing additional information about a process step.
  4. Click Open details for detailed information about the process step and to access any attachments.


    Select Subscribe to get notifications about any changes to the process step. Or click Request to send feedback.

  5. Scroll down to Details to see all the steps in the process flow.

    Example showing the detailed information displayed for a process step.
  6. Select a step in Flow if you want to see more information.

  7. Click Open Details to view information about that step.

Viewing related resources in Process Navigator

In the Process Journal, scroll down to Relations. This is where you can see all roles, KPIs, and applications related to the process or content you’ve selected. You’ll also be able to view all inputs and outputs to any other resources that are involved in your process.