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Validating Views and Resolving Errors
Validating the Views
  1. Enter the Material Insights View.

  2. Identify if any errors are generated for:

    1. Components

    2. Fields in tables

    3. KPIs

    4. Attributes

  3. Identify if any implausibilities are generated such as values or KPIs not making sense.

  4. Resolve any errors by choosing a different Knowledge Model object or customizing the object itself in the Knowledge Model.

  5. Resolve any implausibilities.

  6. Repeat Steps 2 to 5 in the Material Profile View.


Identifying errors is typically easier than identifying implausibilities. You may need to work with the customer for a full assessment of potential implausibilities.

Resolving errors

Component and content errors

  1. Identify the component or content affected by toggling in Edit mode while hovering over the component affected.

  2. Select Edit to open the code editor, view the component definition and copy the component ID.

  3. Open the YAML editor for the entire view.

  4. Paste the component ID.

  5. Select Preview Final View and copy and paste the entire component configuration into the YAML editor.

  6. Verify that the YAML is correct and amend if necessary.

  7. Save the YAML.

Record and attribute errors

  1. Open the Knowledge Model.

  2. Adjust the content or overwrite the definition in the EMS store by adding this record and attributes ID to your Knowledge Model extension.