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Celonis Product Documentation

Variable Configuration

To start the variable configuration, please go to the Knowledge Model (KM). Go through the variables section in the view mode and validate whether the input used for the variables is correct for your business needs. To view all variables in use, you can navigate to the variables section of the KM.

For the apps, only non-auto-generated configurations are used, so you can disable the auto-generated definitions. In some cases, variables are used for storing values (strings, integers, etc.) that are used inside of KPIs and inefficiencies, such as the Planned Lead Time, for storing target and benchmark values of KPIs and frequently used activity names like the Goods Issue activity.

Some variables are more important than others to update, since the business logic of the app will not work if they are not set correctly. An example are the variables that reference different fields and activity names, e.g. the "Record Goods Issue" activity.

On the other hand, all variables are set with a default value and, in some cases, the app will still function properly if they are not updated, such as the "Desired Service Level". If you identify the variables that need to be adjusted, you can easily update them directly from inside of the variable part of the KM visual editor. Other variables are stored in the plain text variables section of the package settings. These variables can also be changed if needed and are only affecting the package in which they are defined.