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Celonis Product Documentation

Process AI

The process AI is a default analysis that allows you to detect and analyze deviations from the most common path.


The process AI provides you an easy overview of the process deviations:

  1. Most common path: Displays the most common flow of activities within your process.

  2. KPIs: Displays predefined KPIs such as case count and activities count.

  3. Edit/add KPIs: Edit the currently displayed KPIs or add new custom KPIs.

  4. Detected deviations: Displays the activities that cause the most deviations from the common path. Celonis calculates how many of your cases are affected and how that affects your business.

  5. Sorting: You can sort the detected deviations by the KPIs.

  6. Root cause analysis: You can perform a root cause analysis that leverages our process intelligence to identify the reasons for the selected deviation.