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Celonis Product Documentation

IP-based restrictions

You can secure your Celonis Platform by allowing only access to those using specific IP addresses.

Using a CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) scheme, you can specify one or more IP ranges from which your users can access your Celonis Platform .

To enable IP based restrictions, click Admin & Settings - Settings:

A screenshot showing where to configure IP based access restrictions.

Your current CIDR is provided here, too. Include this IP address in your active configuration to avoid locking yourself out of your own Celonis Platform . A warning is displayed if you attempt to save a configuration without including your own IP address, with a reset link provided if necessary.

Always allow access from the Celonis network

If you’re working with a Celonis consultant or support team member, enabling access from the Celonis network will allow them to access your environment and support you.