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November 2022 Release Notes

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New Celonis Platform Connector for Power BI

Introduces the Celonis Platform Connector for Power BI to your Celonis Platform Marketplace.


November 2022

Sustainable Spend Management app

Introduces the Sustainable Spend Management app unifies siloed procurement and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data sources including purchase requests, ESG scorecards, and high-risk suppliers into a single solution to boost the productivity of Category Managers to help meet the highest ESG standards and compliance.

Sustainable Procurement Management installation guide (PDF)

November 2022

Shipping Emissions Reduction app

Brings the Celonis Shipping Emission Reduction app calculates shipping emissions in real time to empower supply chain teams to discover, prioritize and reduce their shipping emissions. The app also allows you to pinpoint the exact inefficiencies and actions to capture that carbon-saving potential.

Shipping Emissions Reduction

November 2022

Order Management Starter Kit V 1.5.19

Updates the Order Management Starter Kit with new features and improvements based on feedback that we have received from you. For a detailed list of changes, see below.

Order Management Starter Kit

November 2022

Procurement Starter Kit V 1.0.22

Updates the Procurement Starter Kit with new features and improvements based on feedback that we have received from you. For a detailed list of changes, see below.

Procurement Starter Kit

November 2022

Inflation Monitor V 1.0.10

Updates the Inflation Monitor with new features and improvements based on feedback that we have received from you. For a detailed list of changes, see below.

Inflation Monitor App

November 2022

Open Order Processing V 2.0

Updates the Open Order Processing app with new features and improvements based on feedback that we have received from you. For a detailed list of changes, see below.

Open Order Processing app

November 2022

AR Collections and Disputes App V. 1.0

Introduces Celonis’ Collections and Dispute Management Execution Apps, a purpose-built application(s) that optimizes, automates the collections process and streamline dispute management by reusing a combination of process and customer data.

The Collections App serves as your team’s collections hub, providing team management functionalities, customized views across stakeholders, KPI tracking and analytics, intelligent prioritization and assessment of customer risks to supercharge your collections efforts”

November 2022

AR Credit Management App V.1.0

Introduces the AR Credit Management App which facilitates efficient and accurate credit operations. The app streamlines your process with real-time credit risk assessment, intelligent credit limit suggestions, automated credit reviews, and support for 3rd party credit data integration.

Not applicable

Here are the changes we made to the Order Management Starter Kit:

  • A new “Start Here” view with essential information on what the Starter Kit includes and its intended use.

  • New Inefficiency views that will give you insights into the root causes of the inefficiencies affecting your KPIs. The list of views added is:

    • Seller Rejections

    • Customer Cancellations

    • Late Deliveries | Delivery Blocks

    • Late Deliveries | Credit Blocks

    • Late Deliveries | Order Changes

    • Late Billing | Billing Blocks

    • Unbilled Orders | Active Billing Blocks

  • A trend indicator has been added to the KPIs on the overview views of the Validation Cockpit and the Process Cockpit.

  • When downloading the Order Management Starter Kit from the Marketplace, the default setting for all views expect the 2 cockpits will be to stay hidden to the user in the “Apps” section. This will make the experience of using the starter kit easier and reduce the time needed to hide these views manually.

  • Multiple minor improvements.

Here are the changes we made to the Procurement Starter Kit:

  • A new “Settings” view is available to apply generic filters on the data scope (i.e. Plant, Company Code, etc.).

  • New Inefficiency views in the Procurement Process Cockpit that will give you insights into the root causes of the inefficiencies affecting your KPIs. The list of views added is:

    • Contract Usage:

      • No Contract Available to Use

      • Contract leakage (contract available but not used)

    • Touchless Orders:

      • Manual Order Creation

      • Manual Purchase Requisition Creation

      • Manual Order Confirmation

      • Manual Order Transmission

      • Manual Approvals

      • Manual Quantity Changes

      • Manual Price Changes

      • Manual Delivery Date Changes

      • Manual Other Changes

    • Value Discovery App that enables you to frame the value of the defined use cases and prioritize them based on time to value.

Here are the changes we made to the Inflation Monitor:

  • A new “Settings” view is available to dynamically select timescales for price increase comparison and apply generic filters on the data scope (i.e. Currency, Baseline Date for Price Index, etc.).

  • Price increase analysis available by material (SKU), material category, and supplier level.

  • New Inefficiency View for Contract Leakage will give you insights into the root causes of this inefficiency and quantify the potential savings from increased contract usage.

Here are the changes we made to the Open Order Processing App:

  • New filter bar views

    • Filter Bar for Team Lead View (includes: Filter Bar Dropdowns)

  • Global filters in Knowledge Model has changed to one central variable from several different components.

  • User View has been removed as Team Lead View becomes a holistic operations view.

On October 1, 2022, Microsoft began a gradual deprecation of its current basic authorization protocol. Full deprecation of the basic authorization protocol is going to happen as of 1st of January, 2023.

To solve this issue, we have upgraded our email app to support a new type of connection: Microsoft SMTP/IMAP OAuth. By using this new selection choice, you will be able to create new connections to existing Microsoft email accounts.


If you use Microsoft as Email provider in the Action Flows Email app, make sure to update your connections using Microsoft SMTP/IMAP OAuth before the 1st of January, 2023.

To update your connection type:

  1. Go to the Action Flow and enter the “Edit” mode.

  2. Click the “Email” module where Microsoft is used as the email provider.

  3. In the “Connection” field, click Add to create a new connection (if not created before for another Action Flow in this package).

  4. As the connection type, select Microsoft SMTP/IMAP OAuth.

  5. Accept all requested permissions.

  6. Repeat this for all “Email” modules with Microsoft as the email provider.


    The connection created in step 4 can be reused for all Action Flows in the same package.

  7. Click Save and publish the Action Flows to apply your changes.

If you have any questions, reach out to Celonis support.

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OData connectivity via Extractor Builder

Introduces full support of extracting from OData APIs into the Extractor Builder. This includes native and automatic support for filtering as well as support of all respective OData data types. To make use of the changes, and the API Type OData needs to be selected for the respective endpoints.


Databricks Extractor

Introduces the capability to extract from Databricks systems using JDBC.


This feature is available upon request only. To enable it in your environment, contact Celonis support.


High Availability / Load Balancing capability for JDBC on-premise Extractor

Brings you the High Availability and Load Balancing option for the on-premise JDBC (Database) Extractor. It allows you to run multiple on-premise Extractor instances connecting to the same database at the same time.

No features were released this month.

No features were released this month.

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November 2022


Allows you to use the SCIM API as an alternative option to SAML-JIT for provisioning users and groups. Contrary to SAML-JIT, SCIM allows you to de-provision users

November 2022

Celonis ID

Introduces Celonis ID - our new SSO solution for Celonis Platform. It’s a central login service that lets users access all their teams from one place with one password.


Smart ETL

Introduces the Smart ETL which is part of a wider initiative around low latency of data pipelines. With the release of smart ETL, we’ll automatically change the execution order for all Transformation Tasks on a Data Job level from sequential execution to parallel orchestration. That means, before each Data Job execution, we are automatically calculating the optimal execution order based on the dependencies across all Transformation Tasks. This order is then used to orchestrate the execution of the respective Data Job.


New Look for Celonis Platform

Brings completely redesigned Celonis Platform. While keeping information density high, we created a lighter, more modern, and playful look and feel that enables intuitive and inclusive UIs. This design refresh covers the entire platform while keeping all functionality intact.

No features were released this month.

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Visual Editor For KM Event Logs

Allows you to create and modify KM Event Logs using a visual editor. This visual editor will also enable users to define transitions between these Event Logs.


Summary of changes message

Allows you to include a message in each version of a package you publish in Studio. This message will be visible to users in both the package version dropdown and in the General Package Settings page.



Bulk show/hide Studio assets

Allows you to make bulk changes to the visibility of your Studio packages including assets in folders.


Changes to KM Main Listing

KM objects now show their IDs and PQL statements in the Main Listing. You can quickly copy this data into their clipboard with the copy-to-clipboard function. Additionally, you can now duplicate existing KM objects through the KM Main Listing, the Visual Editor for the object, and the Chooser in Views.



Global Filters tag

You will now see whenever a Global Filter is active in their KM, either by seeing the filter tagged as Global within the Filter Listing, or by seeing a Global filters applied tag on top of the preview in the visual editor for their KM objects.


Activity and Case Table Tags

Users will now see a tag that identifies which Records represent the Activity and Case tables from their Data Models. If an Activity Table is also the default table, users will see a Default tag identifying the table as such.


PQL on Hover

In your Analysis, you can now easily check the PQL behind a KPI, or the value of a variable, without having to revisit the Analysis settings. These details will appear when you hover over the name of the KPI or variable in a PQL editor.

Not applicable


OLAP Header Line Breaks

In your Analysis, you can now add line breaks to the column headers of an OLAP Table. To do that, in the Settings of your OLAP Table, go to Table Area Options and select Allow line break in headers.

Not applicable


Color Scheme Update for View Components

Enhances and updates the available color schemes in some components for Views as part of the Celonis Platform redesign.


New Histogram Component in Views

Introduces a histogram component to Studio Views. The Histogram can be used to show the distribution of any numerical data set.

No features were released this month.