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Celonis Product Documentation

Substitution during absence

Users have the possibility to nominate another user who substitutes them during a period of absence. For the given time period the other person will also be able to see the respective Signals in their Signal List.

Step by Step Guide to using the Substitution function
Step 1: Create a substitution request
  1. Go to the Configuration page

  2. Enter the "Assigned Substitute" and the time period of your absence in the "My Absence" section

  3. Click "Get Approval"

  4. Below you see the status of your "Absence Requests". Initially, entered requests are on the Status "Pending".


The "Assigned Substitute" has to be an Action Engine user as well (with Action Engine permissions).

Step 2: Accept a substitution request
  • The person substituting you receives an email notification.

  • By clicking on "Open Action Engine" the person will be directed directly to the Configuration page of the Action Engine.

  • In the section "Substitution for others" the new request is shown. This can be accepted or rejected.

  • In case the request is accepted, the requestor will also be notified by email and then see that their "Pending" request changes to "Approved" (respectively the same happens if the request is rejected).

  • Then the Assigned Substitute can see the Signals of the requestor for the given time period. Afterward all changes back to the regular Signal subscriptions.