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Celonis Product Documentation

Updating the Business Logic

The business logic is packaged into formulas (KM KPIs) to reuse in the different parts of the app or inside of other KPIs/formulas to make the setup more concise.

These PQL-statements define the calculations of KPIs, filter statements on your data, and inefficiencies.

Hence they are one of the most important parts of the app.

To give you an example, the formula FORMULA_TOUCHLESS_ORDER is used in many different places like filters (FILTER_TOUCHLESS_PO), records and it attributes (PO_ITCelonis Platform.TOUCHLESS_CLASSIFICATION), KPIs (KPI_PO_ITEM_TOUCHLESS_ORDER_RATE_THIS_MONTH, KPI_PO_ITEM_TOUCHLESS_ORDER_RATE_LAST_MONT, KPI_PO_ITEM_TOUCHLESS_ORDER_RATE, KPI_PO_ITEM_TOUCHLESS_ORDER_COUNT) and it could be also used on flag as well.

So by adjusting the underlying business logic in that one place, you adjust the business logic for all KPIs and related definitions at once.

This list is not exhaustive and should be checked inside of the knowledge model. Make sure to also check nested formulas that might be used within the listed KPIs below. You can identify by the prefix whether it’s defined as KPI or formula.

Business Logic (KPI ID)



Business Logic for Touchless Order


Business Logic for Manual Activities on Item Level


Business Logic for On-Time Delivery


Business Logic for Three-Way Match


Business Logic for Contract usage


Business Logic for Catalog Buying


Business Logic for Payment Term Mismatch

In case you update the underlying business logic or used variables, please make sure to also update the documentation for the business users in the Documentation folder.